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Manufacturing of construction products is undertaken by MJC Industries Sdn Bhd (“Mind”) and MJC Precast Sdn Bhd (“MPre”).

MInd produces ready-mixed concrete from its plant located in Ijok, Selangor. It has a large fleet of mixer trucks to cater for in-house demand as well as supply to other contractors.

MPre manufactures various precast concrete products. The main pre-cast concrete products produced by MPre are pre-tensioned and post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams.

MPre’s main precast factory and casting facilities is situated on a 20 acre piece of land located in Ijok, Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. It is an all weather casting yard with steam curing concrete batching facilities to manufacture various precast pre-stressed concrete bridge beams. The storage capacity is about 400 beams depending on the type of beams.

The existing annual production capacity at the Ijok casting yard is 135,000 metric tons. MPre is capable of producing pre-tensioned prestressing concrete beams, with a self weight of up to 90 metric tons per beam. The stressing capacity for the new lines is capable of stressing to a maximum force of 1,500 metric tons per beam.

Some of the major projects where precast beams were supplied by MPre is as follows:-

  No of Beams
1. Proposed Kajang Traffic Dispersal Ring Road 1,152
2. Privatisation of the KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway 6,000 planks and 600 beams
3. Construction and Completion of 1st 300m CT6 1,280 planks
    Wharf (B17) and Access Bridge at Westports.
1,280 planks


Besides the factory's production, MPre is also equipped with off factory facilities for casting of concrete products at project sites, such as the post-tensioned prestressed bridge beam with the unit weight of up to 150 metric tons each. The existing off factory production facilities, which is made up of 3 project teams are capable of producing 40,000 metric tons of precast concrete products per year.

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