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Phases 1 to 4 - Commercial Shops, Offices and Apartments

Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4 of 4-storey shop-apartments are completed with Occupation Permits issued. More than 480 businesses providing a multitude of goods and services are booming now in MJC. They include the local big boys like Everrise Departmental Store, H&L Supermarket, Expert and Siang Siang 24-hour food courts, Petronas Petrol Station and etc. International brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant, Honda, 7-Eleven 24-hour convenience store are part of the business operators enjoying thriving business in this township. A bustling night market is held every Thursday and Friday evening offering conveniences to all the residents in and around Batu Kawa region. Acknowledging the potential of this township, RHB Bank and Maybank have joined the thriving-business bandwagon. In addition, H&L Supermarket Group has set up their headquarters in MJC Township.

Phase 4 of Batu Kawah New Township is only a stone’s throw away from the 954 units of Courtyard Sanctuary and Upper Sanctuary Apartments, which is estimated to house approximately 4,500 residents. At the same time, it is also near to MJC Mutiara, the exclusive 92 units Semi-detached homes and the exclusive 24 bungalow lots- Mutiara Villa. The One Residency Courtyard & Garden Villa with 332 units, estimated to house approximately 1,600 residents would provide further impetus for businesses in MJC Township. This location is most suitable for businesses like boutiques, lighting gallery, furniture shop, restaurants, alfresco café, art gallery and etc. Many property investors in MJC have reaped the fruits of their investment in our Ground floor and First floor retail shops. Capital appreciation for a ground floor shop has been recorded at up to 66% and 26% for a first floor shop respectively.

As for the S.O.H.O. apartments located at the 2nd and 3rd floor, it is the smart choice as affordable homes for young families as the monthly instalment for a S.O.H.O. apartment starts from only RM 308/month (terms & conditions apply). Only limited units available.

Selling Prices of 4 Storey Strata-titled Shops-Commercial/offices-Apartments:-

Ground Floor Shops SOLD OUT!!!
First Floor Shops from RM 147,700.00*
S.O.H.O. Apartments from RM 76,000.00*



Batu Kawah New Township – The Celebration Precinct

The philosophy of the township developer plays an important role in the price and future demand of their properties, whether existing or future launches. This Township has become one of the fastest growing township in Kuching due to the developer’s belief in a Win-Win situation for the developer and its investors. Armed with this principle, the developer has been promoting this township locally and abroad. Many local and overseas dignitaries, authorities and businesses have visited and conducted studies on this township. International entertainment big boys like the Royal London Circus has performed twice in MJC Township while the Euro Theme Park from London is also one of the many international entertainment organisations that has performed in this township. This township has been the host for the month long Padawan Municipal Council carnival celebrated yearly since Y2000. Other events like car exhibitions, Digi Telecommunication Fair, trade shows and many more are some of the many events organised in this township. Besides, regular activities like the twice weekly night market that offers fresh produce from the locals and weekly Tai Chi sessions held by residents at the townsquare attracts the crowds to MJC. With the frequently held mass events, people from all around Kuching and the smaller towns will frequent the Township to join in the cheers and new experiences in MJC. This will benefit the businesses operating in this Township.

Please click here to view some events held at the Celebration Precinct.


Batu Kawah New Township

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* Prices shown above are after discount and subject to availability. The price is subject to change. Please refer to our property consultants for the update information.



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