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Precast Concrete Products

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Quality Assured products

Mudajaya Precast Concrete Products are manufactured under stringent quality control with management and supervision by highly trained professionals, thus ensuring the highest product quality and reliability.

Wide range of Products

  • Bridge beams
  • Box culverts
  • Drainage culverts
  • Manholes
  • L-shape units etc.

Professional Engineering Services

We provide professional engineering services and cost effective alternative designs for clients.

Fully-Equipped precasting yard

Our modern, centralised and well-equipped precasting yard with all the facilities located at Ijok produces high quality precast products for timely delivery to clients.

The main features of our Factory are:-

  • Covered casting yard to ensure consistent quality control and fast production rate.
  • Two (2) units of electric overhead travelling cranes to ensure jerk free to the bridge beams and thus avoid damage to the bridge beams during lifting/loading etc.
  • Steam boilder to ensure minimum cycle time and hence maximise production rate for fast delivery.
  • Large stacking yard and located in 15 acres of land.

M-Beams are:-

  • Designed to BS 5400 : Part 4 1984 Code of Practice for design of Concrete Bridge.
  • Manufactured using prestressing strands conforming to either:
    1. 12.9mm diameter 7-wire strands (low relaxation) conforming to BS 5896 : 1980 or;
    2. 12.7mm diameter 7-wire strands conforming to ASTM : A416-74
  • Manufactured from high strength concrete with 28 - day cube strength of between 45 N/mm2 and 50 N/mm2 to buyer's specification.

Advantages of using Precast prestressed bridge beams

  • High quality concrete product i.e. Factory produced.
  • Minimise overall construction period of project as bridge beams at factory and work at site (piling / crosshead / abutments) are progressing simultaneously.
  • Ease of method of construction as precast bridge beams are manufactured at the factory, transported launched at site. No scaffolding / props / falsework are required over river or road with minimum disruption to traffic flow.




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